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Post  Xs_Krysis on Wed Sep 10, 2008 1:25 am

Counter Strike 1.6 Basics Pt.2

Basic Knowledge About Equipments

The first thing you should do upon starting a new round is to, if you can
afford it, buy Kevlar. Either a vest for $600 or a vest and helmet for $1000.
When you purchase it, it gives you 100 "points" of it. When you are
hit by a bullet in a region protected by Kevlar it saves you from some damage
and removes some "points" from the Kevlar. Kevlar carries over from
rounds if you stay alive. If you die, it does not. You can re-purchase a
vest(/helmet) when you reach 50 or below armor points. As a rough guide, you
can take approximately 5 hits to the head from the MP5 while wearing Kevlar,
but only 2 at best if you're without.

Now you have to decide if flashbangs (concussion grenades) are a good idea for
you. They cost $200 and you can carry two of them at a time. When thrown, they
produce a bright flash, blinding friend-and-foe alike if they are facing the
explosion. If you are a one-man type (not recommended) then you should probably
avoid flashbangs like the plague. The last thing you want to be doing is trying
to pull the pin out of a flashbang when you've got no-one to provide cover fire
and an enemy is bearing down on you. However, if you are a squad, a properly
thrown flashbang can be very effective.

HE grenades are an alternative to flashbangs, they produce a small to medium
blast radius. It will damage your opponent if they're in the explosion
radius. It'll knock some health off, and can even get them down to 25 health.
You may only carry one of these, and they cost $300. Be careful how you throw
them; they can quite easily rebound and cause you some damage as well, or
worse, if friendly-fire is enabled, cause serious damage to your team-mates.

Smoke grenades are non lethal. They blanket the area with smoke, and are a
valuable tool for an offensive team. These are best used in corridors or
tunnels. Don't go running through them, but instead wait for your enemies to
come through, and you'll have the advantage. They cost $300, and you can only
carry one.

Defusing Kits make defusing in C4 maps faster. In fact they cut the time in
half. These can be essential in winning the match. If you're alone and there
are multiple Ts in the level, the quicker you get it defused, the better.
More info was on the previous page. These will cost you $200.

Finally, there are nightvision goggles. These will light up your view and make
it much easier to see in dark areas. They come in at a hefty $1250.


It is time to choose your weapon. A pistol is given to every player by default. Counter Terrorists (CTs)
start with Heckler & Koch .45 USP Tactical, that can be silenced. It has a
clip of 12 rounds. This pistol is generally favored by most, though using the
silencer weakens the bullets. The Terrorists (Ts) start with a Glock 18. It has a 20-bullet clip. The Glock has no limit to its rate of fire, and ideal for the pistol round, as you can pump 20 rounds into an enemy while he is struggling with another, slower pistol and a smaller clip. For more information on guns check the weapons page, but to get a brief, read below. Also, everyone starts with a knife.

The three other pistols are the Desert Eagle, the SIG P228, and the terrorist
only 96G Elite Berettas.

The Desert Eagle is a $650 pistol. It's .50ae rounds penetrate walls and armor
as much as a G3, given close range. Unlike the other pistols, one hit to the
head from this to someone wearing armor will kill them immediately.

The SIG P228 is a fast firing, 13 round clip, and powerful pistol. It's bullet
penetrates most armor, but not as well as the Desert Eagle. It also has the
advantage of being pretty quiet. It will run you $600.

The dual 96G Elite Berettas. The one 'weapon' with two of a kind, this
terrorist only pistol has a lot of a style and comes in at $1000. Beware
though, this pistol is quite weak.

The FiveseveN for Counter-Terrorists only is weak, but deadly accurate. It
costs $750.

A handgun is not always the best choice of weapon, however. Submachine guns, rifles,
a shotgun, and a machine gun are all other choices. Nevertheless, if your team
is behind you may want to keep with a handgun for awhile.

There are two shotguns.. They are the M3 Super 90 and the xm1014..

The M3 Super 90 is a pump action shotgun. This particular weapon is best for
close range. Its effects disperse over distance. At close range it is extremely
powerful. From a distance its power weakens. A good estimate is that each
pellet does 10% damage, so at close range, its almost certainly instant death,
but at long-range its only good for trying to pick off a wounded enemy who
isn't firing at you. A good map for this weapons use is as a terrorist in
siege. At a cost of $1700 it is a good alternative to submachine guns on a
close quarters map.

The xm1014 is fully automatic and has the same up and lows of the m3 only it's
fully auto and must be used at an even closer area, it costs $3000. It should
be treated as an assault rifle with the M3 limitations, great for warfare. Keep
your eye on the ammo counter though. It empties in 3 seconds, so try and ensure
every shot is a hit.

There are five submachine guns. They are the MP5 Navy, Steyr Tactical Machine
Pistol (TMP), P90, MAC-10, and the UMP. Submachine guns are the preference of
most players. They are cheap and effective. They offer a wide range of
usability. Whether it be close range or distance, a submachine gun offers the
most punch per buck.

The MP5 Navy, by H&K, is by far the most common weapon used in CS. At a
cost of $1500 it is inexpensive and highly effective. It uses 9mm rounds, with 30
to a clip. It fires quickly and can inflict significant damage if used
correctly. The MP5 is truly the most versatile weapon in the CS armory.

The Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol (called TMP for short by CS players) is
unappreciated by most CS players. At a cost of $1250 it is cheaper than the
MP5. It is silenced, it uses the same 9mm ammo, with a clip of 30. In many ways
the Steyr is similar to the MP5, however, it is not the most accurate. If you
are in money bind, them you might want to go with it. This weapons is highly
effective, you should note, and has a rapid rate of fire, matching that of the
Colt M4A1, so it is similar to firing 30 rounds from a handgun very quickly.
This weapon is only available to Counter-Terrorists.

The ever-powerful P90 costs $2350, making it the most expensive submachine gun
in CS. It uses its own type of ammo, 5.7mm. It has an extremely large clip for
a sub: 50 rounds, and you can have 2 additional clips (100 rounds). It is
powerful, quick to fire, yet not terribly accurate. If you can tolerate having
to expend the extra rounds to kill the target, this might be a good gun for
you. If you can stand it and use it effectively, you can dominate a round with
it. Be careful with the ammo count though, as you'll frequently find you need
to fire 40 or so rounds to get an enemy.

The MAC-10 used the .45ACP Rounds, the same rounds as the ever powerful USP
Tactical.. The MAC-10 is decently accurate, priced at a keenly $1400, this
weapon is only available to Terrorists. When fired on full-automatic it becomes
extremely hard to aim. Your best bet is to aim high.

The UMP uses the .45ACP rounds that make the MAC-10 and USP so powerful. This
weapon costs $1700 and has a slow reload and fire rate.

CS has 8 rifles, however, each team can only buy five of them. The CT-only
weapons are the Colt M4A1 Carbine, Steyr AUG, and the SG-550 Sniper Rifle. The
T-only weapons are the AK-47, SIG SG-552 Commando Assault Rifle, and the G3/SG1
Sniper Rifle. The other two rifles are the Steyr Scout, Arctic Warfare
Magnum/Police (AWP or AWM).

The AK-47 can only be purchased by Ts. It is an extremely useful weapon. It
fires like a submachine gun, but with the power of a rifle. It uses 7.62mm
slugs (30 to a clip), costs $2500, and fires quickly. It isn't the most
accurate weapon, but its high rate of fire and power make up for this. Use this
gun at any opportunity. Excellent in short bursts, but once again becomes
extremely hard to aim when on full automatic. At only $150 more than the P90 it
is a good weapon for Ts.

The Sig SG-552 Commando Assault Rifle is widely used. It costs $3500, fires
5.56mm slugs, has 30 rounds to a clip, and a 2x zoom. It fires quickly but does
not have wonderful accuracy. Zoom and crouch to correct this. This gun is
horrible in full auto. Bursts, my friend, bursts. This weapon is Terrorist

Only CTs can buy the Colt M4A1 Carbine. It can be silenced for free, uses
5.56mm slugs, and costs $3100. It fires relatively fast, however, it is not
terrible accurate on full auto. The zoom on this weapon from previous betas has
been removed, so it has become much more difficult to successfully master.
It'll kill fast, but to get maximum accuracy, duck and fire in bursts. Less
noisy, much easier to aim. This weapon is Counter-Terrorist only.

The Steyr AUG is extremely powerful and accurate. It costs $3500, fires 5.56mm
rounds, holds 30 rounds per clip, and features 1.4x zoom. This weapon is
Counter-Terrorist only, and if you have the money, you should definitely buy

The Steyr Scout is a great weapon if you cannot afford an AWP, or just want a
fast firing sniper rifle without the cost of a G3/SG1, and with the power of
it. Great for cover, especially if you're on the 'losing' team. A Scout is a
great choice if you're short on cash, weighing in at a slim $2750.

Ah, the Arctic Warfare Magnum. A gun that is the entry-level true sniper rifle.
It costs $4750, uses 338Lapua ammo, has a ten round clip, and is accurate.
However, as an entry-level firearm it lacks some features of a more
sophisticated sniper rifle. You zoom out when you chamber another round, it's
bolt action and only has a 10-bullet clip. However, it does have two levels of
zoom, and is accurate. You must crouch for full accuracy however. Even though
it may be entry level, it's the most powerful weapon in Counter-Strike.
Nevertheless, it is only reliable for distance. At close quarters, the slow
reload time will surely get you killed, unless of course you are either
extremely lucky or have a very low ping. Think about the map before you decide
about this gun. It should also be noted that the AWM can cut through some walls
and boxes, so if your target is hiding behind a box, you know what to do.

The G3/SG1 Sniper Rifle surely lives up to its name. It is THE sniper rifle,
for terrorists at least. It costs $5000, only $250 more than the AWP. I
recommend this over the AWP without reservation. This gun uses 7.62 slugs, in a
clip of 20. It has twice the size of clip as the AWP. It has two zoom levels,
equal to the AWP, but stays zoomed while chambering a round. The action is
automatic, hold down the trigger and bullets will fly. However, the reload is
extremely slow. I recommend reloading whenever there is a break in the action,
whether you have 19 bullets in the magazine or 1. If you like to snipe, this is
the gun for you. This weapon is also acceptable for close quarters battle due
to it's automatic firing mode.

The SG-550 Sniper Rifle is the CT version of the above weapon. Less powerful,
cheaper at $4200, and a bigger clip. The pros may outweigh the cons, this
weapon is still good for taking out assaulters from a distance. The AWM will
dominate though.

There is only one machine gun. It is the M249 PARA Light Machine Gun. It fires
5.56mm slugs, in 100 bullet clips. It reloads very slow, and is not accurate.
However, its high rate of fire and large clip make it a formidable weapon. If
you have the $5750 to spend, this may be a good choice. I cannot recommend this
gun too highly. Only particularly useful if you're at the back of a squad, attacking
a large group of enemies. Including the clip you start with, it holds a huge
300 rounds, each of which are more powerful than the ammo from the rifles or
pistols, so you can cause quite a bit of destruction with it.

Now that you have decided on a firearm, its time to go use it. Attack, defend,
evade, work together, and stalk your opponent by stealth. The only way to get
good at it is to practice. So get playing!


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Good Work Pal... cheers

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Great guide dude......... GJ cheers

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