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Post  Xs_Krysis on Wed Sep 10, 2008 1:33 am

Voice Communication

One of the major new features in CS is the ability to
communicate with your team verbally without using third party software. With
this new technology, servers that were once barren communication wastelands are
now alive with vocal pleasure! Clans can now implement strategy, allowing them
to correct their play in real time instead of using preplanned mumbo jumbo that
could be ruined by one foul-up or unexpected occurrence. People can now just
press a button and bark orders or call for backup in intense firefights instead
of being required to stop and type their messages, which in the past could have
led to their untimely demise. This is great you say. Incredible? Yes.
Revolutionary? Perhaps. Life-changing? Probably. Ultra-k3wl? Definitely.

Well, friends. Fret no more. After reading this guide you'll be the
Counter-Strike oratory master. Read on! Read on !

The Basics

First things first, lads; you need to learn how to use this
bad jackson. We
all know how "helpful" the CS community can be, especially when it
comes to the "newbie" questions. What you need to do before you even
start to consider thinking about the possibility of using the voice com is
configure your mic. Our friends at Valve have included a handy-dandy gizmo
affectionately called Voice Setup, which will be created in your
Sierra/Half-Life (or Counter-Strike) program folder under your start menu (or
voice_tweak.exe for those of you who prefer to use Windows Explorer to manually
browse to your HL/HL: cs folder). Use this tool to adjust your volume so the
other players can hear you! If you can't seem to get the volume right, try
moving the mic closer or farther from your mouth or toward the corner of your
mouth (which will also improve clarity).

That's an important step isn't it? Yes, yes it is. Alright, homeslice,
you're one step closer to being a supreme CS vocalist. Once you're all set with
the mic volume and whatnot, you need to bind a key to "+voicerecord"
or, if you use the shell binder (run CS go to PLAY CS and then CONTROLS), bind
a key to "Use Voice Communication". Make sure it's within close
reaching distance, as you'll (hopefully) be using it a lot. After that small
step for mankind is finished, just hold down your +voicerecord button and start

How do you know if your rhymes are getting through to your fellow players?
Well, when you press your 'Use Voice Communication' button down, you'll get a
small icon in the lower right hand corner, showing you that you're on the air.
Likewise, when your homies are preachin' their soulful words, a chat bubble
(it's not really a bubble though) will appear over their head.


Face it, kids; there are bad seeds out there. People who
would like nothing more than to crush your fine summer day with a cavalcade of
raining hellfire. Well, being the observant blokes they are, Valve has politely
given us the ability to mute those naughty brats. It couldn't be simpler. Once
[l33tkr3w]Ne0-Morphe0usXXX[PORN-MASTAH] starts blasting the latest Slipknot
song into your ears, you simply bring up the multiplayer info screen (TAB, most
likely), click once to bring up your cursor and then click on that little
bastard's name.

Voila! The only time our annoying little friend will be wasting is his own.
One word of advice though, don't ignore everyone the first time they blow some
static at you, they could be having temporary technical difficulties OR maybe
they weren't as smart as you and didn't read this incredibly complete guide
first. I tend to give everyone about three strikes. On the third strike they're
so out that they're back in.

If you ignore someone with voice communication, you won't see any of their
text either. This feature lets you ignore text spammers as well.

Lastly, there are just a few rules I'd like to share with you about
"proper" use of your mic. Remember, these are not bots you're talking
to. Just like in the real world (what's that?) your actions can result in very
unpleasant feelings towards you. Try to maintain a mature attitude while you're
busting phat grooves like Busta Rhymes, yo. Secondly, as my great friends at Hyderabad once said,
"Chatty [female dog] should go on irc if he wants to chat!" This is a
tool for team chat, not an opportunity for you to discuss your nocturnal habits
with clan mates. Finally, remember to speak clearly. This is new technology and
the sound quality is not crystal clear yet. Don't just blow through your
sentences like you're a Hyperactive, Caffeine-intoxicated Chihuahua. Stay calm, and I guarantee
everything will be copasetic.

In closing, I feel that this new invention has revolutionized our favorite
game. It has made communication much, much, much easier while promoting team
play at the same time. With this guide and some delightful chaps to play with,
you will have more fun than you ever have before in CS. So, for those of you
who have made it this far, go henceforth and make us proud. Do not turn to the
dark side!

Although you will appear on the radar, be sure to give locations rather than
just saying "here" or "there." The radar flash is brief and
it's easier for your team when you just say where you are. Use reference
points, like "under the bridge" or "near the stairs."


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Post  iNf@mOu$ on Wed Sep 10, 2008 11:33 am

Communication skill is 1 of the important and most underused thing in CS.......... fact is many people donno to use Radar and cant give proper commands......... it can only be developed by playin team game...........

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Post  Ashu|Alien on Thu Sep 11, 2008 8:59 pm

yup cheenu is right...its very useful while playing matches ..efficient way to communicate...typing isnt so efficient way to communicate...n ya radar gives a lot of information if u know how to read/use it..

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Post  pranavaustin007 on Sun Sep 14, 2008 3:41 am

People can get more experience by playing more and more clan matches

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