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The Client side Variables Empty The Client side Variables

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The Client side Variables.

cl_cmdrate: This command as said above sends data to the server. More data sendmeans more the server knows about you(your position, your actions etc).Therefore higher cmdrate results in better shot registration. Sometimes you find yourself firing 10 bullets enemy and not killinghim, this is due to bad shot registration. Even if u shot the bullet,sometimes it wont actually hit because the data at that instant wont besent to the server. Therefore more cmdrate gives higher probability ofshot registration. Shot registration can never be 100% in online gamingwhere you are connected to the server through serveral hops.
You may now ask me, 'By setting cmdrate to 10000 (infinity) wont be get 99% shot-registration'.
The answer is 'NO'. The cmdrateis limited by both the server and client fps. Usually the client fps is100, u cant send data of more than 100 frames then. If the server fpsis 64, then even if u have 100 fps in game, the server will onlyprocess 64 frames that you send. (Usually servers run at an fps of100+, so just consider your client fps)

Ideally, if u get 100 fps in-game
You have to send 100 frames for maximum efficiency of shot registration. So,
cl_cmdrate 100

So client will send 100 packets/second to the server.
The league value for this is 101, dont ask me why, i think its becausethey want the server to recieve all the frames even if the networkdrops one packet.

In short, ideal cl_cmdrate 101
More random info on cmdrate:

* cmdrate 100 send around 7-9 KBps of data/second
* The maximum data rate that can be send to the server is 9999kbps (9.76KBps), this is locked by the cs engine.
* If you have only upload speeds of 4-6KBps (~48kbps), set cmdrate to a low value like 30 - 40 for better gameplay.
* cmdrate is dependant on upload speed of you internet connection.

cl_updaterate: It determines the data recieved from the server, it contains theother lpayers position and other players actions. cl_updaterate is notof much importance in online gaming as the player positions are almostaccurate even without high updaterate, thanks to the brilliantinterpolation technique used in the Half-Life Engine. This variable islimited by the sv_maxupdaterate of the Server. This should be equal to/less than the server maxupdaterate.

cl_updaterate 101 ;If the server maxupdaterate is 101and you have download speed of ~128kbps(16KBps)
cl_updaterate 30 ;If server maxupdaterate is 30

Read the topic advanced approach to learn how to estimate the server updaterate

Rate: This Determines the maximum data in bits that can be recieved by theclient from the server. (the server side command is sv_maxrate)
I reccomend setting this to 25000 so tha you wont get chokes.
rate 25000

I have never seen the HL engine send/recieve more than 9999bps.

: This one is a command that is still unknown by many. Actually it wont make u notice anything unless the other players are using a low cmdrate and u r using a high updaterate, then that player seems to be framing to you if you use ex_interp 0.01. Its a time function that predicts the position of the player it a time, low ex_interp = higher precision.
I reccomend using 0.1 for online gaming.
ex_interp can vary from 0.1 to 0.01 depending on the updaterate
ex_interp = 1/updaterate

use ex_interp 0.1

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