Counter Strike 1.6 Basics -Evasion and Teamwork

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Counter Strike 1.6 Basics -Evasion and Teamwork Empty Counter Strike 1.6 Basics -Evasion and Teamwork

Post  Xs_Krysis on Wed Sep 10, 2008 1:47 pm

E v a s i o n

Evasion is the art of being able to live to fight another day. If you
can't beat your opponent, don't fight him. Evasion is also being able
to move without being seen. It is as simple as that, in theory at
least. But how do you actually do that?

If someone is in pursuit of you, run! Find a spot to hide and
run to it. Don't let your opponent see you, however. It is imperative
that if you hide somewhere your enemy does not see you go into hiding.
If he does he will most certainly kill you with complete ease.
If you're running down a corridor, and you come to a corner, try and
dive behind
a box, so that he'll go running past and you can get the jump on him.

Choosing a good hiding place can be difficult, and at times
down-right frustrating. But, if you persevere, you will succeed. The
easiest way to find a place to hide is to know the map. However your
opponent will know the hiding spots as well.
There are rather tight spots to hide in, so look around and experiment
with different locations.

If you don't have a Submachine Gun pointed at your tail, you can be a bit more conservative and liberal at the same time.

Now, take your time; walk, don't run. Stay in the shadows if you can, or at least out of sight.
Don't ever run out into the open unless you're in a group that is covering all
angles, or you'll set yourself up as an easy target (Yes, one of the main
advantages to being in a group is that a sniper might choose to kill someone
else instead of you). If there's a fierce gun battle, find cover as quickly as
possible, or else you'll soon find yourself on the receiving end of a few

Move around the borders of the map. Take your time, while using
stealth there is no need to rush. In fact, rushing will eliminate your
stealth and act as a catalyst to your demise, as running produces
footstep sounds. This can be avoided by taking things nice and slowly.
On complex maps such as cs_italy, one of the best ways to avoid the enemy is
to stay off the main routes. Go through side-corridors, crawl through vents,
swim down a river, but if you're outnumbered, always try and keep off the
'busier' parts of the level, as the less enemies you run into, the greater your
chance for survival. At most, you'll be encountering enemies only one or two at
a time in these type of deserted parts of the level, so you stand a better
chance of coming out on top than if you were running about outside shooting your
gun all over the place. Stop often to ensure that you're not being
followed, and if you are, sit behind a box so you can get the jump on them.

Unfortunately, stealth is more something that must be learned
more than it can be taught. You can get tips like crouch on ladders,
walk, etc. Nevertheless, effectively avoiding your opponent requires a
flare of luck and experience.
Maybe the person you're trying to avoid is a newbie who won't be able
to tell
the difference between you and the wall, or maybe they're a CS veteran
see you immediately. Luck is the key word. Practice and you will end up
evading your opponent without even realizing what you are doing.

T e a m w o r k

In order to
win in CS you MUST work with your teammates as teammates. This is a
team play mod for a reason. If you don't work as a team, your opponents
will and they will win. Many games are totally dominated by one side
because, while they are coordinated
and cover all possible avenues of attack, the other team is in chaos,
they argue
amongst one another, or some members of the team go out of their way to
act like an
ass, making team work almost impossible. If that happens, then the team
fragments into 8 or so people going solo, and they will always lose
against a
squad of 3 opponents, each of whom are covering each other.

Attack and defend with at least one teammate at a time. Do nothing by yourself, except if you're the last alive.
This is a team game for a reason. A lone maverick isn't going to win the match,
and will be a prime target for the enemies, as he can only concentrate on one
person at a time, while another enemy goes for the kill.

As a team, split up into smaller groups (squads). Each squad
should take a different route. Keep the squads together between rounds
so you learn each other's habits. This way you will start to anticipate
your 'mates' movements. This is
ideal for clan games, but probably won't happen in a public game. Don't
fret, just try to stay in ONE team rather then 6 one man teams.
An important part of team play is knowing what they are about to do,
blocking a corridor that your team mates will need to escape by won't
win you
any popularity contests. Avoid blocking narrow entrances and exits, as
it will
frequently cost a team-member their life.

Most maps have at least three different routes you can take.
Send one squad on EACH of them. If you have an extra squad send it as
backup to a particularly difficult route. Keep such squads off to a
distance. Their role is more to provide backup in extreme emergencies,
and cover fire if needed.
If your team is acting all losey goosey, take command. Start giving
orders, and
insist that the team break up into evenly numbered squads. There is no
point in
sending a strong force one way, and a one-man army the other, so once
eliminated, the enemies can close in on the main group's flank and take
them by

Have a member in each squad provide cover. This can mean
covering the squad's rear or staying a ways back. If you have a sniper,
keep him in the rear off a ways. He can snipe anyone moving towards you
without being at risk. Alternatively, someone with a SMG or PARA can
stay in the rear while being close enough to keep anyone from sneaking
up on you.
Preferably, have some people running backwards and constantly checking
the rear,
as this will prevent any nasty surprises that might occur.
Another important element of team-work is breaking away from the main force,
and teaming up with one or two other people. On levels like de_dust, where the
teams usually stick together, a small squad can break away, go a different route
from the main force, and launch a surprise attack from the behind. In one
instance, myself and another CT made our way under the bridge on de_dust, and
the Ts were busy fighting a battle at the T-junction inside the building. Myself
with a Colt and my fellow CT with a Para took out 5 Ts, and the few stragglers
were picked off by the rest of team. Don't go for a glory run, but instead try
and give your team the edge by opening up a "second front" for the
battle, forcing the enemies to split numbers, and so, reduce the amount of fire
power going in any one direction. Surrounding the enemy team is a sure-fire way
to win the match, as they'll be too busy concentrating on one part of the team
to take care of the rest.

Most importantly don't do any one-man stuff. Don't just go off
and rush on your own. You may need to work with your team to make your
own styles, but do so! Also, when
traveling as a team, try and use the voice communication technology
instead of the radio commands as enemies can now hear those and will
close in on your position more quickly.


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Counter Strike 1.6 Basics -Evasion and Teamwork Empty Re: Counter Strike 1.6 Basics -Evasion and Teamwork

Post  iNf@mOu$ on Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:00 pm

u llearn these by playin more and more clan matches .................

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Counter Strike 1.6 Basics -Evasion and Teamwork Empty Re: Counter Strike 1.6 Basics -Evasion and Teamwork

Post  Ashu|Alien on Sun Sep 14, 2008 12:16 am

I wud like to tell u guys to watch more demos so that u can know all tips n tricks:)

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Counter Strike 1.6 Basics -Evasion and Teamwork Empty Re: Counter Strike 1.6 Basics -Evasion and Teamwork

Post  pranavaustin007 on Sun Sep 14, 2008 3:39 am

Thank you for ur demos ashu and thanks for the tips krysis

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Counter Strike 1.6 Basics -Evasion and Teamwork Empty Re: Counter Strike 1.6 Basics -Evasion and Teamwork

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