Counter Strike 1.6 Basics Pt.1

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Counter Strike 1.6 Basics Pt.1 Empty Counter Strike 1.6 Basics Pt.1

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Counter Strike 1.6 Basics Pt. 1

First you should know how CS works, it operates in a round fashion. You only spawn once there is a win for either side or a draw. No instant respawning, which separates CS from most other First Person Shooters.
You'll always need to know what team you're on: Counter-Terrorists start with silenced Heckler & Koch .45 USP Tactical. It has a clip of 12 rounds. Terrorists (Ts, click to see the T player models) start with a Glock 18. It has a 20-bullet clip. Remember, CTs have the silenced (optional) pistol, and T's have the un-silenced, longer clipped handgun.
You should thoroughly understand the money system of CS. Just playing a round gets you money, but the losing team will get less than the winning. Killing hostages and/or teammates deducts some money. Guns, equipment, and ammo cost money. there is a money cap of $16,000.

This money is displayed above your ammo display in the right hand bottom corner of the screen. You get money and lose it for certain reasons:
Action Payoff / Fine
Rescuing a Hostage $1000 for individual, $150 for team mates (awarded at end of round)
Kill a Hostage -$1500 for individual
Use a Hostage $150 for individual, $100 for team mates
Kill Opponent $300 for individual
Kill Team Mate -$3300 for individual
Terrorists Win by Bombing Target $2750 for team members
Win by Elimination Hostage map $2000 for team members
Win by Elimination Bomb map $2500 for team members
CTs Defuse Bomb $2750 for team members
CTs Win by Rescuing Hostages $2000 for team members Hostage bonuses
Surviving Hostage Bonus $150 per hostage for team members
Hostages Rescued Bonus $250 per hostage for CT team members
Either Team Loses Round $1400 for team members
Either Team Loses over 2 Consecutive Rounds $1400 $500 per round over 2 (to maximum $2900) for team members

Certain values (such as killing a VIP) are not included here.

Hostages?!?!? Bombs??? More info about compeleting objectives is below.

H o w - T o

Rescue a Hostage (Counter-Terrorists)
In maps with the prefix cs_ (eg cs_docks.bsp) your goal is to rescue all hostages/kill all opponents or defend the hostage (depending on your team, CTs rescue, Ts defend.. Both kill eachother.), either action will get your team a win for that round.
1. Go up to a hostage and hit your use key, E by default.
2. Walk back to an area marked as a hostage rescue point, when you walk over it a green "R" comes up, the area it is different on every map.
3. You'll get money and possibly win the round.
Defuse a Bomb (Counter-Terrorists)
On Defusion maps the tables are turned. T's offense, CT's defense. Defusion maps have a de_ prefix (eg de_dust). Always buy the defuser item, under buyequip. It makes defusing much faster.
1. Look at the bomb. It should emit a red flash and a beeping sounds.
2. Press and hold the use key.
3. A time strip will pop up.
4. The strip finishes and you win the round!
You can pick up (walk over them) defusers off the ground (a green wire clipper icon will appear on your screen).

Escort a VIP (Counter-Terrorists)
In maps with the as_ prefix your mission is to protect a VIP as a CT and kill him as a T. If you spawn with a USP pistol and 200 armor, you're a VIP!!
1. Don't let him die.
2. Lead him to the rescue area (a green V will pop up!)
3. That's it, now you'll win the round and get some cash.
Plant a Bomb (Terrorists)
If you're a terrorist and have a green C4 icon on your screen you've got the bomb.
1. Walk over to a bomb area (location explained in the map briefing), the C4 icon will flash red and green when you're in the right place.
2. Press 5 and the fire button to select C4
3. Press and hold fire until it's planted.
4. Stay and guard the bomb against enemies. If necessary, go down in true terrorist form and die with the bomb. For you stat freaks, it will not credit you with a death and you will make up whatever money you lose.
Also if you see a backpack on the ground, pick the bomb up by walking over it. The default timer on C4 explosives is 35 seconds, but the server admin can set this to as high as 90.

Buy Weapons and Equipment
Earlier you bound a key to "Buy Menu"
1. Be in the buy zone, noted by the Shopping cart icon.
2. Press the key you bound to Buy Menu (default B)
3. Look at your money in the right hand bottom corner of your hud.
4. Choose a weapon type to buy
5. Buy a specific gun (make sure you have enough money)
6. Press the buy menu key once more and buy either primary ammo for non-pistol weapons or secondary for pistols.
7. Press the buy menu key again and choose 8 for equipment, and choose any item you'd like to buy. (opitional)
Select a Weapon
1. Press any number 1-5 on your keyboard.
o 1 is for Primary Weapons
o 2 is for secondary weapons (pistols)
o 3 is for the knife
o 4 is for grenades
o 5 is for C4
2. Press fire to select the weapon or a piece of equipment such as a grenade.
To activate the night-vision goggles, press N (default key, you may rebind it to 'nightvision'). You have to purchase these from the equipment menu.
Use Radio
You've bound 3 keys to certain radio functions (Defaults: z,x,c)
1. Press one of the radio keys
2. Choose something to say.
3. Note that you flash on the radar and have a green ! over your head
Use Radar
This radar shows where you are in position to the rest of the team (it only shows your current team, not enemies). There are represented by blue blips on the radar, which is located in the top-left hand corner of the screen.
A 'T' means they're above you, an upside down 'T' means they're below you. A circle/dot means they're on the same level as you.
A red player either has the bomb or is the VIP. A flashing red blip is where the bomb has been dropped.
A flashing yellow player has just used the radio or voice communication.


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