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net_graph : This is a graphical display of various actions of the Game's Engine.
It shows the following parameters:

* The fps
* The updaterate
* The cmdrate
* Time domain representaion of the data sent/recieved
* Loss/Choke (only in netgraph 3)

The syntax is
net_graph 1/2/3

Net graph is a powerfull monitoring utility that can be used to efficiently adjust the various values of the rates.

Netgraph is a powerfull monitoring tool that is embedded whithin the game and the user can acces it easily by typing net_graph 1 in the game console. By default, the netgraph shows up on the right bottom corner of the screen.

Netgraph Guide Netgraphwd0

This is the image of a typical netgraph 1 when you are connected to an internet server
The following are the various parameters that the netgraph shows

* 30/s = Shows the updaterate that im currently using
* 60/s = Shows the cmdrate that im using now
* 100 fps = The fps of the client
* in :34 1.89k/s = 34 packets are sent from the server at a rate of 1.89 KB/s
* out : 18 2.63k/s = 18 Packets are sent by the client to the server at 2.63 KB/s
* Green line = ping , and i'd ask you the totally ignore the 37ms
* and at the bottom u can see blue line with red dots at bottom, explained later

The netgraph is a tool that can be used to rectify lag's spikes etc. You can also find out the sv_maxupdaterate of a server so that you can get your client and server synchronised.

Now im goin to give you a brief idea on how to find and set the optimal rates for you counter strike client.

some points i would like you to remember thoroughout this before proceeding further :
1.) Know your internet speed (up and down in KBps).
2.) Always use "ex_interp 0" , setting it so auto adjusts the value of it.
3.) Believe the netcode (if u dont, then leave this)

now im starting off here assuming evryone has a connection that has 10 KBps up n' down (80kbps)

I'll show u how i did it , then ull understand it better than the theories which u can find evry where in the internet.

=>step 1 )
Had a new installation of cs and joined a Pub server
yea, no wonder the default settings were loaded, sisnce i ddint use any .cfg's
cl_updaterate 20 , cl_cmdrate 30 and ex_interp 0.1

net_graph 1

Netgraph Guide 203001lh4

Here u need not look any thing since these rates sux wid more no of hopes.

=>Step 2)
The after rates of cs was put up 101,101, 0.01
here leave teh green line which represents the ping , look at the scaterred line

Netgraph Guide 101101001nq7

"usee orange / yellow dots a bit higher than the regular pattern" =intrapolation[Too high updaterate(dots goeshigher)]/ extrapolation [toolow updaterate(dots lowers down)]

"u see red dots below (base)of the pattern" = due to lower cmdrate than the client fps , a 100fpsclient has 100 packets to send to servers in 1 second ,though here uhave set cmdrate to 101 which is higher than teh client fps (to fixthis do to last step)

=>Step 3)
l33trates seems to be pissing off the syncchronisation of my client wid theserver , i'm afraid of wat it does to my hit boxes :-S
Now i've to follow my instincts , "trust the netcode of cs"
i have to remove the interpolation caused since i used a higher updaterate than the server (represented by yellow/orange dots)
seethe wonder lowering my updaterate in steps of 10 lowered the no of dotsand i found that at cl_updaterate 50 the interpolation dissapeared (allwid ex_interp 0)

Netgraph Guide 501010xg7

=>Step 4)
Now the red dots blow the net_graph is annoyin me , my client wants to send more packets to the server so i increased it to 105 and saw it dissappear and finally got an almost perfect netgraph

Netgraph Guide 501050ua7

Source: Ace41 from Garena Forums

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