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Half-Life & Counter-Strike CVar List Empty Half-Life & Counter-Strike CVar List

Post  Xs_Krysis on Wed Sep 10, 2008 1:59 am

Half-Life & Counter-Strike CVar List

Me and a few guys made a very complete (I don't think you can find better) CVar List.

At the moment, only a few one are missing (we couldn't find what are their functions), but it should be complete soon !

Click here to access the CVar List.

1) What is a CVar?

CVar means Console Variable. Console variables have a value assigned to
them. You can change this value by using the console (~ key).

There are different CVars types:

  • Boolean : 0 (off) or 1 (on)
  • Integer : A whole number. (Example : 123, 1, -500, etc...)
  • Float : A number with a decimal. (Example : 0.33, 1.5, 50.4, etc)
  • String : A set of characters.

cl_righthand is the CVar which controls if your weapon is right-handed or left-handed. cl_righthand is a boolean.

If you type cl_righthand "1" into the console, your weapon will be right-handed.

If you type cl_righthand "0" into the console, your weapon will be left-handed.

2) Where to place CVars ?

Like I said previously, you have to type CVar's in the console. But
there are some CVar's which don't save. So if you don't want to type
them each time you launch the game, you will have to place them in a
config file (.cfg).

There are three .cfg files (there are others but not important) which are automatically executed when you launch the game.
One is called autoexec.cfg, one config.cfg and the last one userconfig.cfg.

config.cfg file has your binds, and some
automatically saved CVar's. Do not add anything in this config file, or
anything added will be automatically deleted.

autoexec.cfg and userconfig.cfg are especially to place your CVars/Commands in them.

Those config files are executed by the game in this order:

  • autoexec.cfg
  • config.cfg
  • userconfig.cfg

userconfig.cfg is better to place your CVars in because if you use autoexec.cfg, some of your CVars will be overwritten by config.cfg.

3) How to create .cfg files ?

You have to use Notepad.

Click on Start => Programs => Accessories => Notepad

Here, you can add any CVars/Commands, one on each line, or on the same line with semi-colons between them.

Example :


cl_righthand "1"
cl_weather "0"
cl_minmodels "0"

or with semi-colons:


cl_righthand "1";cl_weather "0";cl_minmodels "0"

Then, save it as a .cfg :

File => Save as

In the "File Name" field, type userconfig.cfg. You can call it whatever you want, but you will have to manually exec your .cfg file if it's not userconfig.cfg or autoexec.cfg. Or you can create a line with the exec command in your userconfig.cfg.

Example :


exec myconfig.cfg

In the "Type" field, it is important that you change to "All files" or your userconfig.cfg will be created as userconfig.cfg.txt

4) Where to place .cfg files ?

You have to place it in your counter-strike folder.

The counter-strike folder directory is by default:


If you have counter-strike in an other language than english, you'll have to place it in :



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