Counter Strike 1.6 Basics Attackin and Defending

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Counter Strike 1.6 Basics Attackin and Defending Empty Counter Strike 1.6 Basics Attackin and Defending

Post  Xs_Krysis on Wed Sep 10, 2008 1:45 pm

A t t a c k i n g

If you want to win, you need to attack. Strike first! Kill him before
he kills you! Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Do you have any idea how to? In some
sense probably yes, but really? Probably not.

Well, you have a gun, armor, and your wits. Now you must find an enemy
and kill him, without being killed yourself. You'll need to think about
how to proceed.

Whether you are a CT or a T can have a large influence on which course of action to take.

Hostage maps (cs_ maps)
T's generally camp or guard,
you pick the term... Camping/Guarding involves a player staying at his
spawn point, or other secure location, waiting for the opposition to
come to him. Simply put, in Facility when the Ts wait and snipe the CTs
coming through one of the doors. Since Ts are supposed to protect the
hostages, this is considered honorable. CTs have no such responsibility
so CTs are "camping" rather than "guarding." It is considered
reprehensible for CTs to do such. Likewise, CTs are "supposed" to
"rush" or charge the Ts. If Ts were to do this, �la Siege, it perceived
the same as CTs camping. "Rushing" is usually an effective tactic for a
winning team, whether it be T or CT however. It gives the opponent
little time to purchase weapons and Kevlar, and can lead to a quick
win. For this reason, losing teams may also try this tactic.

Basically rushing for terrorists is a whole lot more worse
then camping as a CT, in fact camping as a CT is just fine, although
level design usually forces the CTs be the one to storm the fort.
Cs_assault can result in absolute deadlock if CTs camp, as they can't
get in, and Ts can't get out. On all other cs_ maps though, there is no
excuse for CTs to be camping, as it will only result in the CTs losing
the match due to their failure with regards to
rescuing the hostages.

Defusion/C4 (de_) maps
T's are generally on the
offensive! Rush towards the bomb spot, plant the bombs and then go to
defense. Usually the CTs guard the bomb spot, waiting for Ts to come
along. Once the bomb is planted CTs must rush in and defuse it!

Assasination (as_) maps
CTs on this level must rush, as its the easiest way to win. If the VIP
doesn't get to the escape point, you lose, so practice sprinting across the
level, and finding the quickest routes. Ts, on the other hand, have the luxury
of being able to camp at the escape points, and if these are well enough
covered, the CTs will have very little chance of success. Find good places to
hide that have good views of the escape points, and stick with them.
Once you have decided your basic tactic, you must then execute
it. You should defend yourself (outlined later) and evade the opponent
(also outlined later). Sneak up behind your target and give a few
rounds to the head from your MP5 or a slug to the chest from a G3
(example weapons Very Happy) from afar. There are many ways.

You should master favorite your weapon. This will require
practice. However, do not neglect other weapons, you may pick up an
AK-47 and need to use it. Learn the ins and outs of all the weapons.
You may have a favorite, if so use it if you can. Develop your own
special tactics with weapons.

Strafing (moving horizontally) while firing from a gun will
increase the spread of your fire. If the enemy is in motion, this can
get you aligned with him for at least a few rounds to hit. It also
prevents you from being shot at as well.

is very useful, most players will be running around and will probably
miss a whole lot, while you have excellent accuracy!

The most important thing is to shoot first, but only shoot if
you can kill. Do not take a shot if you cannot take down your opponent.
Doing so could result in death. You don't want to die, do you? Thought
If someone is running in your direction, don't start taking erratic
shots at
them. Wait for a clear target, as there is no point in giving up your
so you can cause him 10% damage. If you can see him and he can't see
you, go
for a head shot. Take your time, and this particularly applies to
snipers, who as soon as they have someone in their sights, they fire,
of whether or not they hit them in the head or the foot. Stay calm, and
go for
the head. Be cautious yet strong. Practice. Practice. Practice. Play
and you will get better, get a buddy to practice with you. Whatever you
do, do something.
New players shouldn't try and rush ahead, but instead stick to the middle of
the group and try to give cover fire. There's no point in being mowed down
first, especially if you're new to CS and don't know the level design. Get to
know the level, and never run around a blind corner. Go slowly, check behind
blind spots such as boxes as you run past, as many a time entire squads of
players have been mowed down by a camper with a Para machine gun who was hiding
behind a box that they didn't bother to look behind. As an important anti-camper
technique, always buy grenades of some sort. They are ideal for flushing out
someone who is camping in an "unbeatable" position (e.g. on a ledge above a door).
Using either HE grenades or Flashbangs can give you a few valuable seconds in which to rush in and finish him off.

D e f e n d i n g

yourself is obviously an important aspect of CS. Without it, you'll be
spending a lot of time floating, and not much shooting. But how exactly
do you defend yourself?

First, practice the evasion techniques you already know while
supplementing your knowledge new ones (see Evasion). By using stealth,
you can hide and ambush your enemy.

If your enemy has not seen you, or is distant enough to allow
you to give him the slip, find a secure hiding place. Around a corner,
in a shadow, anywhere that you can crouch and see out of but not be
seen in return is ideal. Wait for the enemy to come to you. Hold your
fire until you have a sure kill. However, if you think that you have
been spotted, rush him, fire at him, kill him.

If you have a rifle, you may be able to hold your ground,
provided you are at a sniping perch, and snipe away at the enemy. If
you fail to kill him and he approaches, run. If you can, try to get an
advantage on him, don't let him get one on you. Keep it even at least
and try to take him on directly.

If you can, provide cover fire for a teammate, fire at his
target and let him fall back into your protection. Snipers can do this

So, everything else has failed and now to you are face to face
with an enemy. Don't stand still! Keep moving! Try moving in random
directions if you are being hit too easily. Strafe, walk forwards,
backwards, circle strafe, jump, and crouch. Just don't stand still. A
stationary target is a dead target. Strafe left-to-right while firing,
some of your rounds should hit. In close-quarters combat, don't stop to
reload; pull out your handgun when your primary weapon needs reloading.
Another tactic worth trying is to wait for your enemy to finish a clip
before you show yourself. If he's on full automatic, count to 5, then
run out, and you'll find him trying to reload. If all else fails, pull
out a knife, run around like a chicken with your head cut off, and when
he has to reload, slash him.
If you and your enemy are strafing around each other, make a point of
trying to
get behind him, as it will stop you from taking any fire while he spins
on the spot trying to see where you went. If done properly this should
appear to be an elaborate and complex dance.
Armor is an important part of defending. If you're sitting in the same place,
chances are you'll be taking a lot of fire, so armor will come in very handy for
stopping the occasional bullet that might hit you in the head.
The ideal weapons for defense are sniper rifles for covering large areas, or
shotguns for covering small ones. Nothing can get past a terrorist with a
xm1014 shotgun covering the vent on assault. The high rate of fire, and large
blast radius means you get your man before he has a chance to fire. See
what works for you, and try different combinations of weapons. A sniper rifle on
cs_siege works wonders for both teams, as CTs have a nice sniping spot up on the
cliff, while Ts can sit down in the tunnel and shoot the CTs long before they
get anywhere near the base.
An important part of defending is knowing when to give ground and
pull back. If the area you're in starts to fill up with enemies, it's
time to get the
hell out of there. Fall back to an area that is easier to defend
a small corridor with a rifle or a large area with multiple snipers).
Try and memorize
all the places you can fall back to, such as a narrow door which can
easily defended, with only one way in or out, so there will be no
attacks. New players should always try and stick to the back of base
as the best chances of stopping an enemy is a strong front line of
defense, with
cover fire coming from the weaker players.

Just remember, defending is really attacking only with the primary goal being to keep yourself alive.


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