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Counter Strike 1.6 Basics -Stalking Your Opponent Empty Counter Strike 1.6 Basics -Stalking Your Opponent

Post  Xs_Krysis on Wed Sep 10, 2008 1:51 pm

Stalking Your Opponent

Well now, all the other players on your team are dead, and all of the players
on the other team are dead, except for one. You are low on health, and you know
that the other player is as well. You don't know where he is, but you do know
that the enemy player knows where YOU are. It is too late for pleading or
running. Your only choice is to face your enemy. It's a battle of the fittest
in this world. Are you in shape?!

SO BEGINS our strategy section on battling it out a 1-on-1. I will give you
some tips before you start out, so I don't have to tell you later more into the

-Keep your calm No matter what happens, always stay calm. There is no point in
totally freaking out, and worrying what your team-mates will think of you if
you lose. Remember, they're already dead anyways. The more focused of the two
will always win.

-Make sure you have plenty of ammo You never know when the enemy will pop out
of nowhere ready to battle you to the death. You will need ammunition in order
to survive. If your current gun only has a few rounds left, dump it for the
next one you come across.

-KNOW the map you are playing on. If you don't know where the enemy can hide,
how are you going to find him?

-Buy a Kevlar vest and helmet. Numerous times I have been dueling it out with a
snotty CT, and the only thing that helped me win was my Kevlar vest and helmet.

-STAY QUIET! It is very important that you stay as quiet as you can, don't
shoot if you don't have to. I will go into this more later on.

There are the basics, if you follow these rules, your likelihood to survive
will greatly increase. I will go into detail the things I said above.

-Keep your calm. As I said before, it doesn't matter weather it is a game or not.
If you want to win, it is a NECESSITY to stay calm throughout the round. If you
mess up in any way, you will be dead before you know it. It is as simple as
that. Stay focused.

-Make sure you have plenty of ammunition. If you run out of ammo hot on your
enemy's trail, then you have no way to defend yourself, unless you are skilled
with a knife and good at using your surroundings as cover. Make sure your
secondary weapon (pistol) is fully loaded. Fire conservatively and don't go on
spraying sprees with your rifles and sub-machine guns - you'll be out of ammo
before you know it.

-KNOW the map you are playing on. If you don't have any idea where you are
going, how are you going to find the hostages? In order to do this, simply
start up a LAN game with the map you want to play on, and just roam around
figuring out your surroundings. You may end up wandering into a prime CT
sniping area and be dead before you know it! Know the map, know where to hide,
know where to run and know what to do at all times.

-Buy a Kevlar vest and helmet. The Kevlar vest helps out immensely. If you are
caught in a barrage of crossfire with nowhere to go, your vest may be the only
thing to save you until you can find some cover. But if one of those bullets
happens to hit your head for a one shot kill, your helmet will be the only
thing that saves you from death. To see for yourself, if you hear a large
CLANK, that means that you were just shot in the head.

-Stay quiet! One of the main things that can give you away are your footsteps.
If you are sitting in your sniping spot, and you hear a "Plip plop plip
plop" getting closer and closer, you know that your enemy is getting
nearer. In order to avoid doing this yourself, hold down your walk key (By
default, the Shift button) and you will eliminate your footsteps. Use this
frequently. If you hear someone else and there's no one on radar, start walking
immediately, as it is definitely an enemy.

L e a r n - o n - Y ou r - O w n

Now you know the basics and some advanced strategies. You must now use them. Go
hence and make practice of these fine strategies. Some will be pardoned, others
punished. (Thanks Will!) Go play! Go practice! Go! Use these strategies. Invent
your own. The point is to become better. If you do something wrong, learn from
it. If a superior player burns you, see how he did it and learn to do it
yourself, then go and beat him.

I know this may not sound fun, but READ! Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (the book)
has many strategies in it. Read it thoroughly, I cannot recommend enough. It's
also a great book!

Join a clan, you'll learn a ton
of new things, including great teamwork.

By watching other players you can advance your own skill. How do you think we
all came to know all of this? Do you think we came up with it ourselves? No! We
came up with some, but many times we were burned, learned the tactics and now
use those tactics ourselves. Try out different tactics and strategies, find out
what works for you when you're playing CS, and be prepared to adapt to your
enemy's tactics. Your ability to adapt to your team and your enemies will make
the difference between getting a few kills and cleaning house.

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Counter Strike 1.6 Basics -Stalking Your Opponent Empty Re: Counter Strike 1.6 Basics -Stalking Your Opponent

Post  Ashu|Alien on Thu Sep 11, 2008 8:56 pm

yup ...seeing others game who is excellent inproves our game....u can know his moves, his strategies n all....So i recommend to watch demos...Soon demos will be uploaded n u will be provided wid the link... Smile

Counter Strike 1.6 Basics -Stalking Your Opponent Xs11
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